Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DTES: Downtown Eastside Carrall Street Sunday Market

Before we continue you have to read THIS

The DTES is the poorest Zip Code in Canada.   Life is challenging in this part of town and it is a way for the residents to make a few dollars to supplement their Welfare money.  Many Vendors are former drug addicts trying to make money, the honest way.   More info  Here     while others turn to vending to make ends meet,  info  here2 .   It is not easy to flash your camera down here as I get stares from some of the people who would rather blend in with the crowd.   There is the smell of drugs in the air and I am sure you could find what you are looking for, if you wanted some.   As I walk about I feel eyes following me as I walk so I try to keep my camera low and snap "from the hip"

It is part of my series of showing you around my Town, where I live on the Wet Coast of Canada.  Many of these people are hard working honest people, some are not necessarily . . .  beyond this I enter no comments

This is not an area that I would like to find myself after dark

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nearly Spring

Well, it's been nearly a month since we left Winter behind and it was now time to switch over to my summer tires.  I usually change over to Winter tires every Thanksgiving and remove them during Easter.

I have both sets mounted on their own rims which makes things easier for me

Last year I bought an impact wrench to makes things easier.   I decided to get one with a cord as it is much simpler than keeping the rechargeable batteries, charged .   I also like to hand torque the nuts by hand

I have my own air compressor which makes things more convenient

and the wheels make for a good chair as I take a short break to gather my strength.  Soon enough I am finished and nearly jumping for joy . . .

As long as I have my compressor set up I also check the tires on my Vstrom

This was on Friday, which was a Stat Holiday and a long weekend for us

On Saturday, our local BMW dealer had a "garage" sale, to clear out items that either didn't sell, or they had too many of . . .

The had a radio station DJ there and some clearance items, under the tents.  I got there a bit after 10am and the BBQ was just being set up, not that I needed to have anything to eat as I had just come from breakfast, with the guys

This dealer also sell Triumph so they had some Triumph branded gear at a healthy discount.

I noticed some Olympia Hi-Viz but most of them were XL or XXL which is too large for me.

Finally I find my size in this light coloured Olympia which I rather quite liked.  I was checking it out and seeing how all the pockets worked and fastened

I also checked out the other sections but kept coming back to the first jacket .   So I tried it on

Most of my other riding jackets were black and I thought this would be better to wear in the summer where it would reflect the heat more, but somehow the front pockets didn't feel deep nor secure enough.  I went inside to see what else they had.

Not that I needed another jacket but I came home with this

Rev'it!  riding jacket

I've never had a Rev'it! before but I must say that this jacket has a lot of useable pockets.   I am not planning any big rides this year so for now I'll just hang it up with the other jackets I'm not using.   I bought a Joe Rocket Alter Ego 5.0 a couple of years ago and it is still serviceable.  It has removeable panels and converts to a full mesh jacket but last year, even in 100°F heat, I did not use the mesh feature.

So here I am at home modeling my new Rev'it! riding jacket.  See, the tags are still attached

About 5 years ago I bought an Olympia AST  Hi-Viz fluorescent orange riding jacket.  It is very hard on your eyes if you wear it in bright sunshine, Thus the reason I don't use it much.

I really wanted the Hi-Viz yellow at the time, but they were selling the Hi-Viz orange ones for $100. less.  This AST jacket has a waterproof membrane bonded to the outer layer but on a trip to Vancouver Island during August 2009 it leaked in the elbow area, even with the rainproof liner installed

Somewhere around 2007,  I bought a jacket which is mainly leather but has removeable fabric panels and converts to a full mesh jacket.  I wore this jacket on my first Maxi Scoot ride to Oregon back in August 2008.  It is just like new

and as you notice, still fits.   I've been watching my figure and during the past couple of weeks I have lost a few more pounds.   I actually held 180 lbs for a couple of days but that was before I started to have hamburgers again

anyway, back to the dealership

I saw one rider testing a few different Triumph models.   The BBQ was very tempting but . . .

I had just eaten breakfast and another meal so close was out of the question if I was to maintain my beauty figure.  I did however break down and had a Coke.   It looked like they had home-made pork patties, squarish and served on a hot dog style bun

The radio station DJ had their turntables spinning.   I was surprised to see records and not merely MP3's

I also took the chance to see some of the new models

and imagining that I was riding to some exotic destination

Maybe I should buy a few more lotto tickets . . .

Saturday, April 19, 2014

F3 Serie Oro

How did I know at the time, that this was a limited edition MV Agusta F3 675 "Serie Oro" ?   Info  HERE

I should have at least "touched it"

Man, she has big pipes . . .

and here is a view of the cockpit

I also happened to notice this Triumph with a checkered tank decal.   Sort of reminded me of someone special,  sort of similar but not quite the same

and of course this Pink Beemer also caught my eye

I mean, are you man enough to ride one of these ?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

September, 2013: Last camping weekend, finale

This is a continuation of my last camping weekend post  here,  from September 2013

After a leisurely breakfast in Lillooet BC I started my trek home.  I took the Bridge of the 23 Camels to the other side of the Fraser River and headed south on Hwy 12

Traffic was non-existant on this Friday morning and I had the road all to myself

There is supposed to be longhorn sheep on this section so I just meandered on my way hoping to catch a glimpse of them but I only saw two little deer on the side of the road

The road followed the Fraser River for a few miles and then headed inland over rolling hills and farmland .  There was really no where to stop, so I just kept rolling and after an hour or so I had arrived in Lytton

This place has the reputation of being the hottest place in BC during the summer and is often the hottest spot in Canada

Even though we were here in mid September it was a fairly warm day and I had to get out of my riding gear as I walked around town

As I walked past the Town Hall I noticed the Farmer's Market sign.  What luck to be here on a Friday morning around 10:30am

I wasn't sure what they would be selling

so I walked about looking around as they were setting up their tables

Most were local artisans displaying their crafts.

And others were selling fresh rabbits

or fresh chicken.  I mean, how much fresher can they be ?

The visitor's centre is just right of the Church.   The View caught my eye, so I stopped

It appears to be a restaurant at one time but long abandoned.  I walked around the side on the rotting walkway and this is what you see

That elevated section of roadway must be new as it wasn't here the last time I visited .  It is time to get rolling

and I take the Fraser Canyon down to Hope and decided to divert to Lougheed Highway where I ended up at Harrison Hot Springs to grab a snack

but first I ride down to the main beach area

In the background you notice the famous Harrison Hot Springs Resort Hotel

and to the North you see Harrison Lake which is cold because it is glacier fed

I am getting better at having meals by myself.  I haven't had Mulligatawny soup for a while so that is what I ordered

Here was my soup and sandwich special.   Because I live in the heart of the City it took me about 3 hours to get home taking the slow route.

I lucked out with the weather.  It was to be the last warm summer-like weekend of the Season