Friday, August 22, 2014

A Sea of Corvettes at Carlisle, PA

Today was the first full day of activities.  Yesterday was only for vendors to set up their tents

This is one of the largest gatherings in North America, of Corvettes

If you needed anything for your Vette, then this is the place

Over 150 acres of everything under the sun.  You can buy a car, get financing and insurance.   Or you can get new mufflers, tires or new seats  installed while you watch

there are cars in every direction

The sun may not be out but it was hot and humid and it was a struggle to see everything .  They also had a car corral

and here's beautiful car . . .

better than new

and I also saw another car which caught my attention

Out of the thousands of cars on the field, this may be the only one with this colour

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Corvettes at Carlisle, PA

We came to Carlisle to attend THIS  event, Corvettes at Carlisle    We registered months ago

and this pass grants us admission for the whole weekend

Officially things don't start until tomorrow but today is the day that the vendors were setting up their stalls.  Lots of things for sale, seminars, used parts and tech sessions.  You can also buy a new Corvette from a dealer here

We started out mid Morning from our hotel in Harrisburg and drove the 15 miles down to Carlisle

We brought our canopy and our club banner.  There are many clubs from all over the area.  In fact two Corvette clubs are staying at our hotel so our parking lot is full of 'Vettes

Here we are trying to snap a photo of a butterfly

This butterfly seemed to like my friend

Even the travel Gnome was there

This beauty caught my eye.  I like mid series convertibles.  Maybe one day when I win the lotto

Did I mention there were many used parts vendors there.  If you are restoring a classic Corvette, you may find your parts here if you look had enough

Here's the GM Engineering tent full of  2014 new C7's   Later they displayed a cross section of a C7

so you can see how it is assembled

the transmission is on the rear axle

this may be the transmission cooleer

The battery is behind the right wheel

the oil reservoir is behind the right front wheel

There were lots of cars there even though things don't start until tomorrow.

we even had time to relax and enjoy the day BUT little did we know that there was an extreme storm warning and in less than an hour there would be torrential rains mixed with hail,  and it was still 30c,  Hot and Humid.   We rushed back to our hotel to take cover and have dinner.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 3: Hershey, PA Chocolate Day

Firstly, Richard . . .  I am having computer problems.  An ultrabook i5 running win 8.1   Took 3 tries to boot up.   Everytime with a blue screen, sort of like it had no video card.  Now tonight I had to boot up 2 times and lost the screen with all the apps.  The other night Windows Live Mail stopped working and I had some drive errors,  missing the cabinet.dll files but it came back to life with a disk scan and somehow it repaired itself.  This is a new computer which I bought at Christmas but never used until 2 weeks ago

Today was a relaxing day and it started at  8am as usual with a small breakfast then we headed on the road

to Chocolate World in Hershey PA.

We took the quick tour of the factory

where we sat in cars which sped along to different areas of the chocolate production

It was an audio visual presentation with narrative

we are moving along self propelled tracks.  Sure was nice to be able to sit down after the long walk from the parking lot, under the hot, humid sun

The cars snaked along the curved track  .  .  . with singing animated animals along the way

and when the tour was finished it brought you back to their retail store

where they had lots of branded clothes and chocolate for sale

It was hard to buy any chocolate to bring home, unless you wanted a melted glob, since it would be too hot in our trunk

World's largest chocolate bar in the background.   Only $40.

Later we drove up the hill.   That's the Hershey complex at the bottom

We drove around the town.  It seemed old and historic

I have never been to a Bass Pro shop before

They sell lots of firearms and hunting equipment here.  In my youth I used to have an archery set so I wanted to hold this compound bow

Only window shopping today.  I left empty handed.

There was an interesting motorcycle display in the mall.   We had lots of showers today but it cleared for the time we were in Hershey so we decided to stay close to our hotel

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 2: Amish Country, Pennsylvania

I missed the Amish last year so we headed out to the Roots Market

It seems that many people don't work on Tuesdays.

It was hot even thought the temperatures didn't seem that high as numbers would indicate

There was lots of produce

but there was lots of other stuff for sale too

I've never seen Amish before so I tried to capture "fast" photos.

Then we headed over to Intercourse PA

where I saw some of my first Amish Buggies

They sure make their horses run fast in this heat

They have a few different style of buggies.   Here is the sporty convertible model

After a while we started getting used to seeing them

They seem to shop in groups

and many of them wear colourful clothes

Then we spent a few hours driving around the Lancaster area